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Ebe Projects Resources Ltd


EPRL has steadily developed into a group with interests in Civil Engineering Construction, Building Construction, Road Construction, Bridge Construction, Project Management Erosion/Flood Control, Procurement/Supplies and General Contracts.

Our team specializes in offering strategic engineering services to organizations in both the public and private sector.

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We deliver innovative solutions for value-driven project planning and execution.

Our Services

Building Construction

EPRL is involved extensively in Civil Engineering throughout the nation. With its well trained and experienced engineering force.

Road Construction

Roads are the indispensable network for human mobility which directly influence the functioning of trade and human interaction. 

Project Management & Consultancy

We provide advisory solutions to clients in telecom, power and energy and infrastructure sectors.

Erosion and Flood Control

At EPRL we offer very extensive erosion and drainage flooding solution. Our operation policy always entails the adequate and proper investigation of all data followed by the designing of the solution.

Hand Pump/Solar Tank Borehole

At EPRL we offer services in the field of Ground Water Survey & Drilling of Motorized Boreholes for tapping under ground portable water for drinking & agricultural purposes in Nigeria.

Borehole Cleaning

A borehole must be flushed periodically for the best yield and safety of the borehole, because ground water may change any time. We have great expertise in flushing and cleaning borehole through high pressure air compressor,

Solar Street Light Project

At EPRL our solar street lighting system comes complete with a self contained solar power assembly sized to run the specified solar light fixture as per the requirement set by our customers.

Procurement & Supplies

At EPRL One of our core activities is procurement handling and outsourcing. We help you source your required products, get you a better bargain and take the stress away from you.

Supplies of Home & Office Furnitures

A prestigious Furniture’s Supply/designing, interior design planning, home & office interior designing. EPRL exemplifies creativity in every sense of the word.

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